September 21, 2014

Edward Fennell for Charleston County School Board

Edward Fennell




38 years reporting and analyzing for the Post & Courier.

A man who knows what works.

On Citizen Involvement in Education: ”I want to get more volunteers involved. It takes an army of volunteers coming to schools to help kids with homework or read to the little ones,” Fennell says.

On New High School in McClellanville: “I really am concerned about the school board budget,” Fennell says. “They’re talking about $35 million for a school that right now, they have 127 high school students in that area? And I understand the youth population in that area is dwindling … It’s just not an efficient way to spend tax dollars.”

On What He Has Seen: ”I covered City of Charleston government, North Charleston, Sullivan’s Island, every government out there at one time or the other. I covered Hollywood when they had fistfights at council meetings,” Fennell says. “I think in my 38 years, having covered every beat, I’ve seen the good and the bad in everybody, and I have an idea what people want.”

Fiscal Conservative – Beholden to No One
Made a career of seeking the Truth

Volunteer for Victory from Home!

Get_InvolvedWe have a new “Call From Home” program! This is a very user-friendly tool that you can use from home to advance our grassroots efforts towards victory in November.

The instructions for the new call from home program are below:

1) You will need a phone and a computer
2) Please download “Google Chrome” The website will look funny if you use another internet browser.
3) Visit
4) Create an account
5) Once approved, you will get an email with directions on how to operate the system
6) Basically, you will sign in, select your phone bank, dial the number provided, and log responses on the computer as you talk to the voter on your phone

We are currently rolling this out to our top volunteers but will make it public soon. We are not sharing this with the public yet because we want your input first! Please let us know what you think of the new program. If you have any questions please let me know. Many, many thanks!

Kristen Beckham

Regional Field Director, SCGOP

Kelvin Curtis for Charleston County School Board

Kelvin D. Curtis has a great passion for serving and positively impacting his community. He understands that a productive future for Charleston County begins with the education of our youth and teens. He believes that strong, educated and confident students will result in a stronger and more productive community. A community that thrives off the leadership and the accountability of those elected as Charleston County School Board officials.

As a youth pastor and co-founder of Rise Up Youth, a youth ministry group located in South Florida, Kelvin became an advocate to over 200 youth and teens by positively impacting their lives, homes, and education. He assisted these students in discovering their gifts and talents which resulted in a changed lifestyle for themselves, friends and families. He became an influential person in the community that connected with the youth in a powerful and positive way.

As a member of the Charleston County School Board, Kelvin will continue to be an advocate for the students of the Charleston County School District. His priorities are supporting school choice, being mindful of fiscal tax dollars, ensuring higher achievement for all students despite diversity or background, addressing disciplinary polices that will create a positive environment of learning, implementing multiple diploma options, expanding dual enrollment and being a voice for the parents, students, and the community of Charleston County. He believes in not just speaking about leadership skill, but demonstrating them. Kelvin is a leader that has strong integrity, accountability and transparency to which his constituents can depend on to get answers for the problems and concerns of the community.


Kelvin is an associate member of the National Association of Law Students with Disabilities. Their main purpose is dedicated to disability advocacy and the achievement of equal access. Kelvin wants to ensure that Charleston County School District provides productive and effective resources to the students, teachers, and parents that will create an environment that all students can learn at their own individual pace. Kelvin was a young boy diagnosed with learning and speaking disabilities in the 1st grade. He understands the difficult process students with disabilities have to live with. Surrounded by people willing to invest quality time with him, he was able to overcome and make the best of the rest of his educational life. Kelvin is truly blessed to be raised in a home where his parents taught him that a hard work ethic and a strong foundation, which supports personal values and morals, will lead to a successful life.

Born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, his mother, Jacqueline and his father, Clarence, taught him to be thankful for both negative and positive experiences that he has been blessed to experience. His father, a high school graduate and his mother a middle school graduate raised Kelvin to become a person that follows his Christian faith and serve his community. His mother worked numerous jobs that ranged from housekeeping to nursing assistant to care for their family. His father worked at a car dealership as a detail manager. Growing up not as fortunate as most of the other families in the community, Jacqueline and Clarence maintained an active role in their son’s educational goals. They created a profound interest in why education was so important and helped him understand that if he can be influential in the education of the youth he can serve his community. 10 years of experience working with youth, teens and a diverse community, Kelvin has a full schedule that always allocates time to serve his community at large. He is currently on the Board of Directors of non-profit organization Connections and You, INC. Their vision is to promote character, leadership, and social development of young boys and girls through the Distinguished Gentlemen and Ladies of Hanahan and North Charleston. Kelvin also served his community as a mentor for Big Brother, Big Sisters of Broward County, Executive Director for Stand up for Kids, summer school drama teacher for the Urban League of Broward County, Executive Director of First Priority of America and a District Huddle Leader for Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Broward County. Kelvin was also elected to the City of Fort Lauderdale Community Appearance Board by Mayor Jack Seiler. 


Kelvin is currently completing his degree as a student at Charleston Southern University. He is currently employed as the Administrative Coordinator for the City of Charleston. He is a graduate from the Walt Disney Institute where he focused on Business/Organizational Leadership. He also has plans to further his education. Kelvin and his wife, Ann Starzyk-Curtis are newlyweds married October of 2012 at the beautiful Charleston Marriott on Lockwood Boulevard. They relocated to Charleston at that same time because of the southern charm that this beautiful city holds. Charleston is their new home and they seek to be active and productive residents.

With your vote Kelvin D. Curtis will be a great asset to the students of Charleston County School District and the Charleston County School Board.

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Carroll O’Neal for SC House district 116

coneal-talking – url for website – url for FB page
Phone: 843-224-9001


I am a resident of Johns Island in favor of straight talk on issues with a strong voice to represent the interests of voters in SC House District 116.
My mission is to be the candidate that unseated a 12-year incumbent and to provide the voters of District 116 PROACTIVE representation for the first time in a long time. I am proud to be a conservative with common sense and a good communicator with others who have needs and need government to be meaningful not a burden.
This page is about a dream of serving and giving back to the South Carolina Lowcountry. It has taken me a good long while to take the leap to run for office. I am convinced that I can make a difference by simply educating myself on the issues, large and small, that we face locally and on the state level and then using my voice to speak on behalf of the voters and citizens of our District 116.
I was born in Charleston and moved to Mt Pleasant at a young age. I attended public schools and graduated from Moultrie High School. I have so many friends East of the Cooper and look forward to reunions where we act like kids again.
I am married to Sheryl Willis O’Neal who has strong family ties to Cottageville. We both look forward to having the family’s support in our campaign in Colleton County.

I have worked in corporations years back, and I own a construction company. Since moving to Johns Island, I have developed a love of the land, and I am about 95% farmer at this point in my life.

I am a strong conservative who believes every good encounter and resolution starts with listening to each other. I speak my mind and I believe the men and women I am meeting during the campaign appreciate that more than anything about me.

I enjoy lively debate and look forward to being on the floor at the Statehouse representing the thousands of constituents in our widespread District that stretches from Johns, Wadmalaw, Ravenel, Hollywood, Jacksonboro, Cottageville and parts of Walterboro. It wraps back over to Bees Ferry Road and along the US 17 South highway. There is a lot of ground to cover before November 4th, but with your help and God’s grace, I believe we can win this election and unseat a 12-year incumbent.
Times are hard for many people and I truly can relate from personal experience. Like me, I believe people are fed up with government in general. That is really what prompted me to say yes to running for this office. I can represent the people of Dist 116 by learning what THEY want and making sure I am loud and clear about it in Columbia!

Samuel Rivers for SC State house district 15


URL of campaign website


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Brief Bio

Representative Samuel Rivers is a proven, reliable and strong conservative who serves honorably in Columbia to bring our shared ideas and goals for a better South Carolina. As Assistant Majority Whip in the House, Samuel works hard to protect our taxpayers and small businesses, give teachers and first responders proper funding, and ensure our state’s rights.


Campaign bullet points and as much text as you want.

When re-elected, Samuel will continue to:

  • Promote the use of an all inclusive energy program that lowers the financial burden on our working families and businesses
  • Reduce regulations, red-tape and fees on job creators to make South Carolina more business friendly
  • Enhance education for our students, giving more options to their parents and granting scholarships to those in low-income families
  • Improve South Carolina’s infrastructure to make District 15 an even better place to live, work, and raise our families

Bobby Harrell for SC State House District 114

1Speaker-HarrellURL of campaign website

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phone contact

Brief Bio
Representative Bobby Harrell is a husband, father, small business owner, and conservative legislator committed to creating jobs, improving education and lowering taxes in South Carolina. As Charleston’s first Speaker of the House in over 100 years, Bobby works tirelessly to make the Lowcountry a better place for us to live, work and raise our families.

Campaign bullet points and as much text as you want.
The biggest issue facing South Carolina for the next two decades is our economy.

Lowering taxes, limiting government and making our state more competitive will allow our businesses to grow. These free market principals are essential elements to creating a prosperous state – because it’s the private sector, not government, that can create sustainable new jobs.

You work very hard to provide for your family. We believe more of that money should stay in your pocket, not the government’s. That is why the House has consistently pursued common sense tax reforms – having passed more than $22 billion in tax cuts for all South Carolinians.

Keeping taxes low and limiting the size of government growth requires real fiscal discipline. We’ve done just that – In South Carolina, we have actually shrunk the size of state government. By increasing efficiencies and doing more with less waste, there are now 9,000 fewer taxpayer-funded employees today than there were when Republicans gained the majority in 1994.

To compete on today’s global playing field, we must ensure that our state’s next generation has the skills and academic tools necessary to take on higher-paying jobs. Creating a strong educational system in our state is not a stand-alone issue, it’s a key subset of our economy.

Unlike our deficit-spending counterparts in Washington, here in South Carolina we actually practice fiscal conservatism. We pass a balanced budget every single year that serves the needs of our state’s citizens, not special interests groups.

Walk to Win Weekend!


Walk to Win Weekend!

We are coordinating a state-wide “Walk to Win” weekend this coming Friday-Sunday! Friday we will be walking on James Island and in West Ashley. Saturday walks will be led in Mt. Pleasant and downtown. Sunday we will be doing more Mt. Pleasant and Daniel Island. If you want to simply walk in your own neighborhood with a friend or family, let me know! That helps just as much.

Sign up to walk now:

We have a new Victory office in Mt. Pleasant. Here is the info:

Victory Center Charleston
1156 Bowman Road
Suite 200, Room 263
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Monday-Thursday, 9-8
Friday, 9-5
Saturday 10-3

We will have phone banking out of this office during all opening hours. We also have an exciting new call from home program that allows you to call from your own home with your cell phone and computer. Sign up today:

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me at any time. We can use all the help we can get to


Elizabeth Saady

Field Representative
Victory 2014


GOP Big Bang BBQ


You’re invited to the

GOP Big Bang BBQ

with Keynote Speaker

Governor Rick Perry

Special Guest Governor Nikki Haley

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Miler Country Club

400 Country Club Blvd

Summerville, SC

Proud Republican Admission $50

Proud Republican doors open at 6:00 PM

VIP Reception and Admission $100

VIP Reception begins at 6:00 PM and program begins at 7:00 PM

Dress is Lowcountry Casual

Cash Bar Available

Contact: Jordan 843-330-8783 for more information and Event Host opportunities.

A message from Representative Mark Sanford.


Message from Mark

I hope the start of your summer is treating you well.

It’s my favorite time of year, and as we both know this stretch at its start is particularly beautiful in the Lowcountry given its good breezes and it’s not yet too warm. Makes me want to hurry south each weekend, but in the meantime I just wanted to take a moment to share some interesting things that have been happening here in Congress.

The most recent political news obviously surrounds Eric Cantor’s loss in Virginia. It was significant in two ways. One, it is a reminder that for all our feelings of frustration at times on the difficulty of change, here was a guy who had a campaign budget of only $200,000 while Cantor raised over $5.5 million in this election cycle…and lost. It says each of us has more voice in our political system than we might believe – accordingly, it’s vital that each one of us make it a point to make our voice heard. From a political perspective, I think it derails the prospect of immigration reform which had been growing steam over the last few months.

The other big political news has been continued meltdown in Washington in the way that the federal government is meant to serve the people. I hear over and over again at home that people feel like the President has become imperial in his attitude, and has grown to little regard the Constitutional checks and balances in place with the Congress and Judicial branch. It increasingly looks like there will be a consequence to this in November, but in the meantime revelations from the IRS or VA serve to heighten people’s distrust of their government.

I came here to impact government’s growth and spending, and on many subjects I pray the Irish prayer each day in asking God to give me the wisdom to fight the things I can change, leave alone the things I can’t – and the wisdom to know the difference. In this vein we recognized early on that structural change could come to the NSA through a series of rifle shot reforms and accordingly I originally introduced in HR 3436 a reform that would give independence to the Inspector General at the National Security Agency. I am pleased to say it was included in the Intelligence Authorization Act, which passed the House. While I had some bigger concerns which led me to ultimately oppose the final bill, and I think there’s still further to go on reforming the NSA (you can read more on that here), our bill and its adoption, represents a win for liberty and better oversight at the NSA.

Important to Charleston and Harbor deepening, the President just signed the Water Resources Reform and Development Act (WRRDA), which funds water infrastructure spending. I think the bill’s approach was important in the way they did it, as it was built on reestablishing the balance of power between the executive branch and Congress. For more thoughts on the details, click here.

Finally, last week another item I have been working on passed out of the Homeland Security Committee in the House. It’s another rifle shot, and this case only saves $17 million, but a journey of a million miles begins with those little first steps. Our bill would end a practice at the Transportation Security Administration where employees are paid higher wages for skills they don’t use. It’s a common sense idea that is predicated on the simple notion of paying people for the work they do instead of the work they could do. Click here for more on this.

It will be a busy summer with the House tackling many more spending bills and associated amendments over the next few months, and I’ll keep you posted as things develop. In the meantime, I wanted to share a few comments on votes I took over the last few months and some other things we’ve been working on in the Lowcountry. Additionally, this May marked one year since we took office! I’m grateful for the opportunity to represent the First District, and I’d encourage you to check out a quick summary of our first twelve months by clicking here. As always, if you have any questions or thoughts, please take a moment and email me by clicking here.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

Take good care,


Primary Election Results

Primary Election Results

The official results for Charleston County can be downloaded by clicking this link PrimaryResultsChasCty